The First tournament was a massive success, with 18 people coming from around the region.

First off, Congratulations to the three Qualified players from yesterday: Anthony Gibbs (1st) Harrison Hare (2nd) and Chris Dumm(3rd). We’ll be getting articles from these guys in just a short while in regards to their lists, casters, themes, ect.

I’ll be doing data analysis on all the Casters, Themes and Factions played over the course of the year, and here is the first, early look:

Games and Stuff Tournament Data:


Circle 4
Khador 3
Cryx 2
Protectorate 2
Retribution 2
Cygnar 1
Minions 1
Grymkin 1
Mercs 1


Circle-Bones of Orboros 4
Circle-Devourers Host 2
Cryx-Black Industries 2
Grymkin-Dark Menagerie 2
Khador-Winter Guard Kommand 2
Khador-Wolves of Winter 2
Mercs-Irregulars 2
Minions-Will Work For Food 2
Protectorate-Faithful Masses 2
Retribution-Legions of Dawn 2
Circle-Call of the Wild 1
Circle-Secret Masters 1
Cryx-Ghost Fleet 1
Cryx-Infernal Machines 1
Cygnar-Sons of the Tempest 1
Cygnar-Storm Division 1
Khador-Legion of Steel 1
Khador-Legions of Streel 1
Protectorate-Creators Might 1
Protectorate-Exemplar Interdiction 1
Retribution-Defenders of Ios 1
Retribution-Shadows of the Retribution 1


Circle-Bones of Orboros Kreuger1
Circle-Bones of Orboros Kreuger2
Circle-Bones of Orboros Kreuger2
Circle-Bones of Orboros Kreuger2
Circle-Call of the Wild Kaya1
Circle-Devourers Host Baldur1
Circle-Devourers Host Kromac1
Circle-Secret Masters Tanith
Cryx-Black Industries Asphyxious3
Cryx-Black Industries Scaverous
Cryx-Ghost Fleet Denny1
Cryx-Infernal Machines Goreshade1
Cygnar-Sons of the Tempest Sloan
Cygnar-Storm Division Stryker2
Grymkin-Dark Menagerie Dreamer
Grymkin-Dark Menagerie Heretic
Khador-Legion of Steel Vlad3
Khador-Legions of Streel Vlad3
Khador-Winter Guard Kommand Butcher3
Khador-Winter Guard Kommand Vlad1
Khador-Wolves of Winter Old Witch2
Khador-Wolves of Winter Vlad2
Mercs-Irregulars Damiano
Mercs-Irregulars Magnus2
Minions-Will Work For Food Carver
Minions-Will Work For Food Rask
Protectorate-Creators Might Amon
Protectorate-Exemplar Interdiction Kreoss3
Protectorate-Faithful Masses Harbinger
Protectorate-Faithful Masses Severious2
Retribution-Defenders of Ios Ossyan
Retribution-Legions of Dawn Issirya
Retribution-Legions of Dawn Kaelyssa
Retribution-Shadows of the Retribution Rhan

I’d like to note that the above had only two duplicated casters: Vlad 3 and Kreuger 2. The caster variety here was great!

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