Tournament #3 a Success

Yesterdays tournament at Titan was awesome, with 18 people in attendance and 17 players.

Congratulations to Brad Park, Zach Lovett and Mark Male for Qualifying!

Congratulations to Brad Park, Danny McGeehan and Zach Lovett for Placing!

And, finally, Congratulations to Dan Paddock for winning the Best Painted army!

also, we added our first Skorne and Trollbloods players to the list, so hopefully we can get a legion player and a convergence player here soon.

Current Qualified Players:
Danny McGeehan 9950
Anthony Gibbs 7000
Mark Male 6850
Justin Du 5200
Zach Lovett 4250
Brad Park 4150
Chris Dumm 4100
Bob Male 3850
Harrison Hare 3650

Thanks to everyone who came out and I’ll be doing the breakdown here later today or tomorrow.

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