Peek Into the Podium: Bob Male

This week, we’re gonna try and squeeze in three Peeks, and the First one is Bob Male, Third Place at Huzzah. Bob is relatively new to the area – or new to the game. I’d never seen him around here until this year, but him and his brother Mark are already impacting the Meta. I played against his Circle in the first Brawltimore, and only just won. I expect to see him doing well deep into the future.


Una the Skyhunter
Theme: Call of the Wild

As is typical for running an Una 2 list, I had birds for days. While I miss pairing Hand of Fate with Woldwyrds in a Wild Hunt build, the theme benefit of granting the Scarsfell Griffons free elusive animi is massive. (Def 15 + Dodge) While Razorwing Griffons can get some phenomenal work done  clearing infantry with their ability to trample and +4 to the damage and free boosted power attack rolls, their main purpose is to run and trigger Flank for the Scarsfells, as they have 1 higher P+S on one weapon and one additional attack. The Pureblood Warpwolf and two Gorax Ragers are there for their animi as Wraithbane can be invaluable into spell based armor spam and Primal is essential to managing fury and getting the birds to really get their points worth. Her feat is versatile as it has three potential uses. If given the opportunity for a strong alpha, it can be used the following turn to push through enemy lines with the combination of flight an the inability to be targeted by melee attacks. It can also be used to push a strong scenario presence with a potential 18” of run speed. Finally, the typical use tends to involve pairing with a Blackclad Wayfarer to extend threat by up to 4”.


Krueger The Stormlord
Theme: Bones of Orboros

This is easily one of the most fun lists I’ve played. Taking advantage of Geomancy via three Woldwardens, it is capable of putting out up to 6 TK’s per turn. In addition to this, they are also capable of using lightning storm and when combined with the recursion available from Sentry Stones and Mannikins to create up to a 15” hazard wall. Thanks to the changes to Stoneshapers, they also serve well enough as low level armor cracking pieces. The shield guard available from the Wold Guardian combined with Kruegers spell to reduce RNG by 5 in his control range effectively shuts down most lists that rely on large numbers of guns. His feat can be used in a multitude of ways, however defensively seems to be the best way to do so by combining with the number of available TK options. Rebuke is invaluable and hardly needs much explanation as to why.

I paired these lists for their ability to cover the weaknesses of one another almost perfectly. A strong field dominating list combined with one of field control. Strong infantry presence combined with spell-hate would likely be the best answer to this list pair.

Robert Male

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