Fourth Tournament a Success!

Congratulations to the Podium and Qualifiers in the Fourth Tournament

1st: Jeremy Posner (Convergence)
2nd CJ Hughes (Retribution)
3rd: Jonathon LeClare (Cryx)

This was a fantastic 19 person turnout, especially for being at the same time as the nearby Captain Con. Great games were had the next (and final, non-LCQ Qualifier) will be in just a few weeks, Feb 24th at Critical Hits Games!

I’ll be doing a breakdown, hopefully this week, on the tournament results!

The Currently Qualified Players are:

1-Danny McGeehan 12100
2-Justin Du 8050
3- Jonathon LeClare 7900
4- Anthony Gibbs 7000
5- Mark Male 6850
6- CJ Hughs 6650
7- Chris Dumm 5250
8- Zach Lovett 4250
9- Brad Park 4150
10- Jeremy Posner 4150
11- Bob Male 3850
12- Harrison Hare 3650


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