The LCQ Looms!

The Tournament Circuit will be coming to a close this weekend with the LCQ – The Last chance Qualifier, out in Martinsville, West Virgina We’ll be starting promptly at 11, with sign in at 10:00 – get there early, and sign up online here:

We will be attempting to use conflict chamber again, maybe this time with a bit more success, last time didn’t work as much as I’d like.

Speaking of Conflict Chamber, we will be using that for the Finals. I’ll be reaching out to each of you individually to get your email and make sure that you have an invite, can show up, and can submit lists – though lists will be editable and changeable until 11:00 the day of.

And with the finals ready, here is a look at the brackets as they currently stand, with every place locked in, and the only player we don’t know for sure is 16th place – the LCQ Finalist.


There are a lot of great players here from the area, and only one will take home to Trophy!

Additionally, even though this is a bracketed tournament, I will not be using a single elimination style. Though its going to take a bunch of work on our end, I have created a way to ensure that all players – if they desire, can play until the end of the tournament.  – Though there is another option – I could just seed the first round and then let all the rest of the rounds play out as normal, if everyone prefers. I have both options planned out.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the tournament on the 17th!



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