Hail to the King

It’s good to be the King.

In all seriousness it was a great pleasure to take part in the entire Brawltimore experience and that is due mostly in part to those I was fortunate enough to play against, those that were there I was able to spend the days with, and the gentlemen that run and organize these events for players like myself.

Similar to the peek into the podiums before I’ll post my lists but mostly talk about my games during the finals and why I selected the lists I did.

The lists:

Cryx Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Dark Host
(Skarre 1) Pirate Queen Skarre [+28]– Inflictor [13]
– Stalker [8]
– Stalker [8]
– Skarlock Thrall [0(4)]
Bane Lord Tartarus [0(6)]
Darragh Wrathe [9]
Necrotech [2]
Scrap Thralls [2]
Bane Knights (max) [15]
Bane Warriors (max) [16]
– Bane Warrior Officer & Standard [0(5)]
Wraith Engine [15]
Wraith Engine [15]


Cryx Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Scourge of the Broken Coast
(Asphyxious 1) Iron Lich Asphyxious [+28]
– Nightwretch [7]
– Nightwretch [7]
– Stalker [8]
Eilish Garrity, the Occultist [5]
Satyxis Raider Captain [0(4)]
Satyxis Raider Captain [0(4)]
Satyxis Blood Witches (min) [8]
– Satyxis Blood Hag [0(4)]
Satyxis Gunslingers [7]
Satyxis Gunslingers [7]
Satyxis Raiders (max) [16]
– Satyxis Raider Sea Witch [4]
Satyxis Raiders (max) [16]
– Satyxis Raider Sea Witch [4]


The reason I landed on this list pairing is one part comfort on my selection and one part teching for the bracket I was in. The Iron Lich Asphyxious list is one I have a multitude of reps on and it is almost second nature on how to play it. It feels very strong into the mirror and is decent into most everything else across from you. You have a wealth of Mat 8 melee attacks and two solos that are auto knockdown complimented by a potential five point armor swing brought out by the Iron Lich. ¬†Beyond that Lich himself can influence the table a tremendous amount in two different potential angles. He can spell assassinate most casters if they go down too low in camp and if there is any armor 12ish units on the table, parasite plus his feat means you are able to remove an entire units at times giving away no models in the process. He brings a wealth of utility that I’ve come to really appreciate the more I play him. Beyond that Skarre is the targeted selection in the list pair. If I was to win my round one I was at a 50/50 chance to play against Anthony Gibbs, and his 5×5 Sloan list has me having ‘Nam flashbacks after it tabled me in four rounds at a steamroller prior. To help me combat the terror that is that list I decided to shamelessly steal Brandon Andrews’ Skarre1 list that he has played to great success, I was only hoping to reap the same rewards he has attained with it.


Round 1: Jonathan LeClare – Iron Lich Asphyxious – Scourge of the Broken Coast – Standoff

My round one opponent is the gentleman that orchestrates this entire madness. We have discussed Cryx in a mutual chat for a few months now and between myself and some of the other members of the chat singing the praises of Lich1 Scourge for a few months Jon joined the Church of the Iron Lich and brought nearly a mirror of my list as well.

I was lucky enough to win the roll to go first and place Lich aggressively up the middle of the table. Jon responds by sending an arc node forward and sending out breathe of corruptions at one of my raider units trying to trap them behind the clouds. He also places his Satyxis fairly aggressively forward. On my next turn I want to accomplish two things, kill both arc nodes, and attempt to remove one unit of Raiders. To do all this I have one arc node and corruptor shoot his one arc node off the table. Lich then parasites a raider unit and advances, popping feat allowing me to remove all but one Raider in one unit and killing another 4-5 in the other. My stalker then walks and jumps into melee with the other arc node. From there we leave it on 5ish boxes, but with all systems up. No bueno. From here Jon starts to push back and we trade points back and forth. The only thing I continue to keep trying to do is leave half my remaining members of both raider unit outside of 19″ of his Iron Lich every turn, so that his feat will never remove a whole unit. In the follow turns we send an arc node to try to spell assassinate his caster combined with feedback damage onto his Barathrum and come up 3 boxes shy. Jon moves his Iron Lich behind the forest in the middle and puts some pressure on me as I am rapidly running out of models due to death striking blood witches and gunslingers. On this final turn I can attempt to get a Corruptor shot and Hellfire into his caster, though utilizing the Hellfire will be an all or nothing play as I have lost both my arc nodes up to this point. Luckily enough the Corruptor goes first and is able to finish him off.


Round 2:Anthony Gibbs – Captain Kara Sloan – Heavy Metal – Breakdown

My nightmare realized. I have been thinking over what I have wanted to play into this Sloan list ever since that fateful round 4 tabling at the hands of this list. I got very luck about a couple things with this matchup. I got to play a centered scenario in breakdown, meaning his gun line list needs to commit forward and beyond that Skarre found herself a summer home in the middle of the table in a rather large obstruction. I was lucky enough to go first again and ran both Engines nearly their full distance, one stayed just out of 16″ of Aiyana so he didn’t get kissed. I hold feat and wait to see what makes it to next turn. Gibbs leaves his jacks out of the 13″ threat of the engines for turn two, shoots one engine with Kara Sloan that gets shield guarded to the Inflictor and she takes out like 11 boxes on him.

For my turn two we feat on both engines and they scream their way just to engage two to three warjacks each. His models can certainly still move away as they are incorporeal and can’t free strike but I am denying the aim bonus and making it so the Minutemen can just walk in straight lines before they jump. Gibbs takes his turn to contest everything and also kill the entire Bane Knight unit to the man. He blows feat to do it but mostly collapses an entire side. The key thing is that the two engines, practically in his deployment zone are unscathed. For my follow up the Inflictor clears the middle zone and the bane warriors clear one of the two circles. The zone they clear is at almost the other end of the table from his entire army at this point as well. The wraith engines charge in and damage and engage many of his warjacks but most importantly, one of the engines can get onto Aiyana and we turn her into a Machine Wraith that promptly goes to kill the Squire. From here Skarre is on 12 HP after healing a bit with Focus and is behind and obstruction on 3ish focus, it was either 3 or 4. Gibbs is now looking to assassinate as his out for this game as another turn of engines attacking his jacks will leave him with not much more left. To do so needs to kill an inflictor and a Necrotech for a Hunter to draw los to Skarre. He between Kara and a couple hunters the Inflictor meets its end. A Minuteman walks and jumps to get range on Skarre, after jump it has one focus so it shoots and kills the Necrotech. It then shoots at Skarre and after Skarre spends a focus to reduce damage takes two damage leaving her on ten boxes. The one Hunter then walks to get his shot at Skarre for the Hail Mary play. Needs a 13 to hit with her in Cover, and proceeds to hit it no sweat. To kill Skarre, after focus spend to reduce damage, he needs a 17. The dice don’t agree with Anthony and she lives and I’m able to win on scenario on my next turn.

We dodged a bullet there

See what I did there?

Round 3: Zach Lovett – Krueger the Stormlord – The Bones of Orboros – Recon II

Continuing a trend I am lucky enough to go first and we play Lich1 into him as I felt if I played Skarre1 he could easily TK both engines backwards and rebuke a unit and I would have a long depressing game to a loss. There is a very large forest in the middle of the table and because of that I chose the pathfinder objective. For my turn one we get Lich onto a hill and place my stalker in rubble with Scything Touch on it right in the middle of his zone. Everything else postures forward with Eilish centered so we can remove Rebuke if needed from a Raider unit. He uses his turn to send out a total of four Lightning Storms between Krueger and geomancy.

He passes turn back over with Krueger on 2 fury without Windstorm up as he had him TK a beast and cast a Lightning Storm as well. I am able to give pathfinder to an arc node that can walk through the woods and shoot at his warlock. Beyond that the other arc node can also shoot at him if I walk in a straight line, requiring me to move one unit of Raiders first. Lastly the Corruptor can also walk forward to shoot at him as well. This is all fine though if this assassination run fails I will lose all my abilities to arc with both nodes dead and likely my corruptor as well, so an all or nothing play. I don’t allocate any focus to them so they all use their power up focus to boost to hit. With that they are dice off one for damage, ultimately he transfers off one of the damage rolls and keeps the other which resulted in three damage, the last jacks missed and did no damage. Lich gets Puppet Mastered and Spectral Leaches off the last fury from Krueger and we send two Breathe of Corruptions into him with boosted damage due to feat and we are able to finish him off.


Round 4: Chris Dumm – Thyra, Flame of Sorrow – The Faithful Masses – Outlast

An unfamiliar situation, at least today, I end up going second this round. His list has double max Idrians, two Sanctifiers, Blood of Martyrs, and two kick monks.

This game was a real grind and played tremendously well. This went I think five or six rounds and I don’t think I can recall the details in order so I won’t try to recount this game round by round. Though as for some of the highlights, we sacrifice my stalker early to kill one of the kick monks, I had a fear of these guys just standing around my army once the lines engage and me never being able to dig them out.

For his top of two he moves the Idrians up and mini feats with both and they both CRA into members of the raider units they preyed taking off a couple from each unit. My turn two was a bit of an explosive turn where I was able to clear both zones between Parasite and feat nearly killing an entire Idrian unit and a Breathe of Corruption, ambushing Blood Witches, and Raiders taking on the other unit. Beyond that we also Hellfire off the second kick monk with Lich. This puts me up 3-0 on scenario and puts the pressure on Chris. From here though his jacks begin to get a lot of work done in addition to Thyra. The details from here out I’m not certain I’d get exactly correct. Though the highlights are Thyra eats nearly an entire Blood Witch unit in melee just overtaking them melee. My gunslingers get to flank around the table and start picking off the choir members allowing me to land a parasite on his sanctifier. Place Scything Touch on a Raider Captain and with a five point armor swing and signs and portents on their damage rolls, a unit of gunslingers in able to take out one of the sanctifiers that was previously softened up by some Raiders. Also over two turns Lich is able to kill the Blood of Martyrs and the other Sanctifier. On Chris’ final turn they he attempts to shoot a Redeemer and utilize Thyra’s Stranglehold to try to kill Lich. I was camping one focus and after the dust settled Lich was still standing and we were able to take it home on scenario.


This tournament series is a great collection of events. So much so that I believe we are looking to replicate it in the Philadelphia area for the time between the ones in Baltimore. I enjoyed all of my games both here, and in the qualifier to this event, I look forward to attempting to defend my title of King of Baltimore during the next Brawltimore season. For those looking to join us up a little north, I look forward to seeing you join us for the Liberty Brawl.

Thank you for reading.

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