First Brawltimore a Rousing Success!

This weekend we held the first Brawltimore Circuit Event at Bel Air Games in Bel Air, MD!

It was an amazing turnout with 18 players – Especially during as huge of an event as Warmachine Weekend.

I’ll be getting analytics done, though honestly, they mean less every year, as they are simply 36 unique casters, lists and pairs, but I’ll take it anyway.

Ok, enough Garbling!

The first tournament qualified 3 people, and those people are:

Ryan Babcock (1st)
Rob McCarty (2nd)
Jonathon LeClare (3rd)

1st and 2nd were top table and duked it out deservingly. 3rd managed to lucksackĀ his way in, slacker.

Look forward to seeing everyone on 10/1 at GNS, points will be updated shortly!

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